Dietetic food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for diet management when lead is absorbed in the body.

Our natural solution

effective due to the unrivaled lead binding capacity and side effect-free features

Neproluo® is the most proven probiotic solution, which binds lead naturally in the digestive tract and leads to a quick excretion from the body

Neproluo® has antioxidant features and can strengthen the intestinal barrier function.

Neproluo® protects against the daily build-up of lead in the body and ensures the healthy development of children.

The active substance

Patented probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum (SmartGuardTM, DSM33464)

natural bond of lead

L. plantarum SmartGuardTM is the only probiotic strain on the market that has been proven to work. The natural binding of lead in the digestive tract leads to rapid excretion from the body.

strengthens the intestinal barrier function

L. plantarum SmartGuardTM has anti-oxidative features and strengthens the intestinal barrier function.

protects against daily lead build-up

L. plantarum SmartGuardTM protects against the daily build-up of lead in the body and ensures the healthy development of children.

Without Neproluo®️

Lead is absorbed through the intestinal barrier and delivered into the blood. The blood distributes the lead to the bones and organs, including the developing brain.

With Neproluo®️

Lead is bound by the probiotic in the intestine and quickly excreted in the faeces. As a result, only a minimal amount of lead is released into the blood and distributed throughout the body.

  • Natural & gentle probiotic solution
  • Safe for long-term daily use (QPS, MIC, WGS)
  • Only removes lead and increases the absorption of essential metals such as calcium, iron and zinc
  • Scientifically proven efficiency through extensive in-vivo and in-vitro tests
  • No side effects
  • Developed by a Danish company with a strong reputation
  • Produced and quality controlled in Europe


Why is lead harmful?

Lead is a toxic heavy metal and can have detectable neurological damage on any level, especially in children

lead accumulates in the body

There is no such thing as a 'safe' blood lead concentration; even lead concentrations as low as 5 µg / dL can be associated with decreased intelligence and behavioral disorders in children.

As lead exposure increases, the range and severity of symptoms also increase.

5 times faster absorption in infants and toddlers

10% of Chinese children suffer from a high blood lead level (BLL> 100 µg / L)

Lead exposure affects the IQ

Loss of IQ points caused by lead exposure, can lead to mild intellectual disabilities in early childhood.


Prevents cognitive development

Weakens the immune system

Negative influence on growth and appetite

Affects the absorption of essential nutrients

Impairment of behavior and sleep

lead intake through food

The general population can be exposed to lead through air, food, drinking water, soil, and dust.

Lead e.g. in batteries, cosmetics, ceramics, children's toys, traditional medicines, and candy- / food packaging.

80% of daily lead intake mainly from food

3X higher BLL in China than in other developed countries

The ability to build a healthy young body and mind is very important to all children.

Lead is absorbed 5 times faster by children and infants than by adults. The growing body absorbs metals more easily and causes the lead to build up in the organs and bones. This process robs the child the opportunity to become a bright mind with a bright future.